At 18, a 3 month trip to Italy turned into a 10 year career in modeling which in turn, led me into a career in the Fashion Industry in Europe, where I resided for 34 years.


Fashion taught me so much about the world: geography, navigating different cultures, art and politics.  Along the way I picked up 3 other languages, an eye for beauty in all forms, and learned the importance of good food.  As product manager, for various luxury brands I learned to better whatever I was working on.  As sales manager,  I had to find a place for that bettered item. I experienced the best years of the Fashion Industry, when the world was a little naive, very stylish and incredibly creative.


I have always loved animals, I grew up surrounded! The most difficult part of city living was having to give them up. When fate intervened and returned me to my home, in the Napa Valley, the horses which had always been a lifelong passion would lead me to meld the 2 worlds that I knew so well. I have put my experience to work to develop a flexible retail business based out of a vintage Airstream Argosy Travel Trailer, allowing me the freedom to continue my travels.

We, Shandy Lane and I, will become a familiar sight at various equestrian events (English and Western) offering a variety of exclusive high quality leather goods for both fashion and home, jewelry, some artwork, and refashioned vintage clothing.


Interiors and decorating have always been one of the most fascinating aspects of my Fashion experience.  My curiosity and interests were piqued through collaboration with brilliant fashion designers, whose vision encompass a complete image, and exposure to the most important retail fashion stores in the world. 

Creativity, workmanship, color and eclecticism are all prevalent in my interior work.

Reflections of my experience abroad.

Janine Gerard